Explode Your Amazon Book Ranking, Reviews & Royalties With This Revolutionary "Author Automation" Software

Uncover Super-Profitable Book Niches

Push Button Research allows you to instantly uncover the most PROFITABLE "secret" Kindle & print book niches to publish your book in, as well as the BEST category for you to score a #1 Best Seller -- all with the push of a button. With a single click you'll be able to find the best price for your book, discover trending keywords, and ethically "spy" on your competition.

Add Dozens of New Book Reviews

Push Button Reviews saves you hours of work scouring the 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon -- and connects you with the readers in your niche that would love to review books just like yours! You'll instantly find the hidden "Golden Reviewers" that make their contact information public (only about 5% of all Amazon reviewers do this!), and easily send them a message offering a review copy of your next book.

Put Your Book Sales on Autopilot

Push Button Ads helps you develop lists of hundreds -- even thousands -- of keywords that you can drop into a Sponsored Product ad on Amazon and start selling your books on autopilot via the Amazon Advertising program!  Some of the ads that we've set up using this game-changing software are generating 900% ROI for our books, and these consistent daily ad sales can also push your books to the top of the Best Seller lists as well.

Get Found in More Kindle Categories

Push Button Categories can help you get your book listed in not just 2 -- but up to 9 different Amazon book categories! And of course the more categories that your book is listed in, the more places that your book buyers will be able to find and purchase your book! You'll activate this exclusive new tool from right inside your KDP book listing itself, where it will reveal the "secret" keywords that will get your book listed in multiple Amazon book categories.

Build a List of Your Book Buyers

Push Button List Building provides a drag-and-drop landing page that has been tested to convert new readers into newsletter subscribers so that you can build up your audience and rocket your next book to bestseller status by sending them a single email campaign.

A Kindle-Ready Book in 30 Seconds

Push Button Formatting will save you hours of time over manually creating your book by turning a simple Word Document into a well formatted Kindle book that will provide a superior reader experience.

Easily Track Your Best-Seller Rank

Push Button Ranking checks your book's bestseller rank every hour so that you don't have to, even while you are sleeping, and will take a screenshot of your Amazon listing page any time that you hit a new best bestseller rank!

Create a Pro-Style Book Cover

Push Button Covers allows you to choose from hundreds of ready-to-use cover design templates (easily customizable on any machine as an MS Word Doc) and easily create a professional looking cover image YOURSELF that will generate clicks and sales for your book for years to come.  Never spend another dime outsourcing your book cover on Fiverr.com, and no Photoshop required!

Every effort has been made to clearly describe the training offered. 
If you are not satisfied in the first 7 days, we offer a full refund.

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